History Of Beauty Trends

Today we are living in a very fascinating world where everybody and everyone in the world stays connected to one another. As everything has progressed a lot, in the same way, the fashion industry is also at its peak nowadays. In the past, people from the past had few myths, and these myths were the beauty standards for those days. Some of those are mentioned here:
How to look fresh?
In ancient Egypt to look fresh was a beauty standard and looking fresh was checked through having neat and tidy hairs. So, in order to get a fresh look with a nice tidy, neat and clean hairs, people of those days mostly used saturated animal fats of those days. Although with the pungent smell it was used when going out especially.
How to have a waxed body instantly?
Getting rid of unwanted body hairs was also done through a method which seems illogical and insensible today, but in history, it was used overly. To achieve a hair-free body rubbing of the body with some stone, especially pumice stone was done, and this resulted in the loss of hairs of the body.
Interesting perfumes:
In ancient Egypt, some sort of interesting works were done, and those included the making of new, different and unique perfumes. These perfumes were made by mixing some honey, wine, and flowers and then it was used as a perfume. Besides using it as a perfume, it was also used as a medication.
Tang Dynasty:
In the Asia, mostly in China the most of the girls had foot binding. In foot binding, girls of 4-7 are taken, and their toes are broken except the big toes. After that, their feet are bounded to prevent any further growth. This was practiced in China for a very long period of time.
Large forehead:
Having a large forehead was also a trend of the history and most of the women from Medieval England usually plucked their hairs from the hairlines for making a large forehead that fitted according to fashion at that time.
Breast implants:
When talking about breast implants, there is a long history to come to its present form. In history, in the 19th century, breast implants were also available but where is the disaster? The disaster is in the breast implanting itself. For breast fillers everything was used and that everything ranges from using a ball or round rubber as breast fillers.
Skin hardening:
It was also a trend and was very commonly practiced in the early 1900s. For skin hardening, chemicals were used, and skin was made tighten and hard through those chemicals and using a spinning blade on scars could also lead to the somewhat hardened skin.

These were some of the malpractices done in the past to look more beautiful and according to the trends of those days. These some of the practices actually scare us now. In contrast to all these malpractices, now we have safe techniques to get our desired beauty.